Love, like, really really Love

I haven’t written for awhile because sometimes in life, nothing else matters.

I’ve written a couple of times about my sister and brother-in-law (Valentine’s Lovers) (Real Life Superheroes) and although it’s been a reality this whole time, you never expect it to come to this – desperate, literally, desperate for a miracle.  Will was given 1-3 weeks to live but he’s made it 6 weeks now.  Each day he is with us is a miracle and we pray for many more.

I have continued to be amazed by watching Will and Angie (Pray for Will & Angie – incredible video).  There is something so powerful about two people who love each other.  Like, really really love.  Like, not the movie-type or what you read in novels or what maybe you have when everything’s clicking and she’s cute and he’s hot and… no, not like that but like love.  Like in sickness and in health.  Like for better and for worse.  Like for richer and for poorer.  Like when part of one’s face is removed and their frame has gone frail and they can’t get out of bed.  Like when someone has cancer throughout their body and can’t eat and can barely speak or stay awake.  Like when one has lost their hair and is in constant pain.  From this day forward till death do us part.  Yeah, that kind.  …and what is so special about this love is that it is not love because “we made a vow.”  It’s love because, in Angie’s words, “I just love him so much.”  In one of her blogs (Living Each Day), she writes,“ Can I go to sleep, or should I stay up to watch him?  Will he wake up in the morning?  And every morning, from the moment my eyes open, I hold my breath until I see him take one.” To see one sacrifice her own life, to lay it down not just in words but in sleeping next to him for 5 months whether that be in a small hospital bed, on the corner of his bed at home, in an L shape or U shape at his feet– wherever she fits.  “I just want to be close to him if anything happens.”

You know, those kind of vows.  The kind of love people give up on when things get tough.  That kind of love.  The kind that isn’t in movies or in a book because it simply can’t be manufactured.  It’s powerful.  It’s beautiful.

I’ve never seen someone endure the kind of pain that Will endures each day.  Cancer in the lungs.  A tumor on his spine.  Cancer in his bones.  Cancer in his pelvis.  Cancer in his lymphs.  Tumor on his sternum.  G-tube in his stomach.  Eye removed.  Part of jaw removed.  Discolored skin.  Hopeful to get out of bed once a day.  Albeit in pain and with 3 people helping him to stand so he can get his bed sores cleaned.  And so much more that we simply don’t know because he can’t express it and we can’t see it.

And yet, not once have I heard a stern word towards Angie.  Not once have I heard him complain.  Not once have I heard him make any demands.  Because he doesn’t find his love in comforts but in being comforted by the one he loves.

I know that I want that same love.  I want to love a girl like Will loves Angie and be loved like Angie loves Will.  But I also know that this takes time, oh yes, it took them lots of time to get here.  Lots of time, lots of moments.  Moments that almost broke their marriage, times when they didn’t know they would make it…or if they wanted to make it.  It’s an honest and true love.  Not one that has been dependent on emotions but one that has faced emotions and the not richer, but poorer, and a little health but much sickness, and some better but a lot of worse and here they are.  Loving each other in a way that seems unfathomable.  A way that doesn’t make sense.  Yet, is what we all yearn for.

They weren’t always in love.  They didn’t always know they would be together.  One would chase one while one wasn’t sure.  Then they would exchange roles.  With the other chasing and the other not sure.  It was that kind of love.  Not a fairytale.  Simply love.

I’ve read what love is before but I think I’ve learned what love really is through witnessing Will and Angie’s towards each other.

Love is patient.  Love is kind.  It does not envy.  It does not boast.  It is not proud.  It is not rude.  It is not self-seeking.  It is not easily angered.  It keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil.  Love rejoices in the truth.  It always protects.  It always trusts.  It always hopes.  It always perseveres.

Love never fails.


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