I thought I knew what I wanted… and I was only in 5th grade

I remember dating a girl when I was in 5th grade.  We dated for a bit and then broke up.  Some time later, I wished to be with her again.  I remember lying on my bed one night and praying deep and honest prayers that God would bring us back together.

He didn’t.

And I was disappointed.

18 years later, I can be glad He didn’t answer that one.  Actually probably within a couple of weeks I was fine.  But the point is, that often what we want or think we want isn’t what we “really” want.  Not only is God the only one who knows what we need, He is also the only one who know what we truly want, how fascinating.

By high school, I didn’t date too much and didn’t care too much either.  I was caught up in other areas of life that filled me – youth group, friends, sports.  Life was good.

Around college time, sometimes you feel like maybe it’s time to consider what marriage might be.  And once again I would pray.  And be left unanswered.  Eventually I think I stopped praying all together.  Not on purpose, I just didn’t think about it anymore.  I just really didn’t mind being single.  I mean, there were/are times where you wish you weren’t alone but when I look at my life I ponder what may have or might have been, I’m left………


Grateful that God didn’t answer those prayers.  Grateful that God had a plan all the way.  Grateful that in His timing, all things come together for the good.  And that is pretty exciting.


2 thoughts on “I thought I knew what I wanted… and I was only in 5th grade

  1. This is encouraging. :) I, too, am so grateful that God didn’t answer a few prayers the way I “thought” I wanted them answered. I know that I TRULY desire God’s best more than anything I could conjure up!

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