It’s More Queezy than Easy

mmm, finding a girl, sheesh, it sure ain’t easy

the stomach turns and it gets real queezy

the mind it drifts and dreams and shakes

trying to decipher the reals from the fakes

“I’ve found the one! I’ve found the one!” said too many times before

Only to find out another broken heart was in store

How many of those can you have, I’m really not sure

But after awhile it all becomes a blur

I’m sure she’s there, just around the corner

Or maybe the corner’s corner’s corner

Because the path is real long and it ain’t getting’ shorter

And I ain’t gonna go on-line and buy one from across the border

Or even to find a date

Its just not my style but I can relate

To what its like to long for the one

And go about it any means under the sun


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