Life’s twists and turns come unexpected

One day you’re loved, the next neglected

Popularity; such as a vapor

Once a friend, now not even a neighbor

Naked I came.  And naked I’ll go.

My rights are none, I have none to show.

“Curse God and die,” she said to me.

“Why hold on to your integrity?”

He’s all I have.  He is my life.

I’ll be with Him when I die.

Oh to hope.  Oh to gain.

My consolation is joy in pain.

To trust.  To live.  To breathe.  To die.

The life I live, it is not mine.

What is man that you care?

May I ask, if I dare?

I’m curious why You love.

I’m curious of You above.

And after my skin has been turned to sod.

I still know, I will see God.

It is true, He gives and takes away.

Maybe today will be my day.


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