Yep, I Need a Friend

In case you were wondering, yes, I do have the ability to write really cheesey poetry as well…   Have you ever just really, really, really, just needed a friend?

Yep, I Need a Friend

God, I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask you for anything after the idiot I’ve been.

But I need a friend.

I’m so lonely and tired and struggling in sin.

I need a friend.

Alone for breakfast, by myself for lunch, and the same for my din-din.

I need a friend.

Its like that in the morning, at work, all day, begging to end.

umhmm, I need a friend.

I don’t know if its too much to ask, if the rules would have to bend.

But I need a friend.

My life is starting to suck and I’d like to get it back on the mend.

Yep, I need a friend.

My soul crying out and my flesh for a companion, my heart shall I rend!

I need a friend.

Searching alone and trying so hard, its like chasing the wind.

That’s right, I need a friend.

I’ll take a 6 or a 7, not even a ten.

I need a friend.

And in Your perfect timing, I know what You’ll send…

Hello friend.


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