The Ailing Silence

I was driving to Costco after having just gone through a difficult time (break-up included).  I felt like God wanted to speak so I tried to turn off the “noise”… but I couldn’t handle the silence…

The Ailing Silence

You know what its like when you’re just sitting, driving, listening to the radio?

And you don’t really want to, you just don’t want to be alone?

You know, like when you just don’t want to be alone with your thoughts?

But you turn it off.  And your face, it cringes.  Your stomach, it knots.

And you feel weak and sick, desperate… for something.

You reach out and grab… but all you get… is nothing.

You’ve waited in line.  You’ve waited your turn.

Just for a taste, a sip … and you get nothing but hurt.

Your heart, it desires, your body it yearns.

But your light it fades … like a candle’s burn.

The knots, they well up, still sick of yourself

Your looking for someone who you can just tell

How you feel and what its like

But finding that person is like walking at night

With your eyes closed and you cringe again

Waiting for the moment to pass, so your heart can mend

To have life and freedom and sing like you used to

But those days are gone, like the morning’s dew

Here for a fleeting moment and then disappear

One can only hope that a heart can reappear.


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