Labor Day Special: Mission Leftovers

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be working on Labor Day.  But I am determined to get this posted before midnight.  I’m gonna have to shoot from the hip a bit here.

I considered retiring after the last 2 blogs.  I didn’t think I could top them.  I mean, even I go back to read them from time to time for entertainment value.  So I may have to go back to being serious and talking about practical things and real life people again.

I thought about doing another Missions piece with great material such as “The Interloper”… you know… that guy who ends up in every conversation, even the one’s he’s not in.  But somehow he is always IN them?!  Where did he come from?  It was two girls in a deep conversation around the corner, alone, when “the interloper” chimed in with his own question.  And then when the ladies took their conversation upstairs where only girls could be, he was already there.  Somehow, the toilet had broken down and it was “necessary” for him to be there.  He seems pretty innocent so you’re not quite sure if he just happens to be really creepy or if he just happens to be there.  And I’m not really sure either.

Or we could talk about the “Bubble Intruder” who is invited into the conversation but you didn’t need to know what flavor of mint she had in her mouth.  As you slowly back away, pretty soon you are pinned up against a wall, and she doesn’t even seem to mind.  Does anyone else feel awkward right now?  I do.

And then there were the quotes that have yet to be mentioned of, and not surprisingly if you read the last two blogs…quotes such as, “I’ve talked more about boys on this trip than ever before.” and “Everything that is said always funnels back to boys.”  Or from the other side…“Who comes up with these games, they’re horrible.  I’ll admit, girls come up with and play stupid games.”  I’m not sure who comes up with these games either but I have 4 guesses.  And they begin with S, T, E, and P.

I didn’t do enough interviews to find out what all games were being made up.  But when I was growing up, it was MASH or bust.  But the most popular here seemed to be Marry, Kiss, or Cliff where you decided which guy you would marry, which you would kiss, and which one you would push off the cliff.

Can you imagine the egos guys would have if we knew how much we were being talked about?

Or how devastated we would be if we knew that the 7 girls upstairs had just pushed us off a cliff.

I received this story from an unnamed source on the team when I curiously investigated what games were being played…”The game I was talking about was made up in the airport on the way home. It’s called ‘iwe,’ In Shona iwe means you! So, iwe works this way…I spot a cute guy that I think my friend would like and whisper to her, “Iwe, red shirt.” She then searches the room for a guy with a red shirt, when she finds him she then approves or doesn’t. If she thinks that he is her type then I get a point!!! It’s also pretty fun to point out a little 80 year old man for her to search the room for and then watch as she spots grandpa.”

I can’t imagine what the leaders of this trip would think if they knew about this?!

Wait… that’s me.  Come again girls, what were you doing?!!!

Other unsurprising quotes such as “I was absolutely shocked by the amount of talk about dating and marriage that there was on this trip. I have never experienced anything like it!”  She seems pretty excited about that.

“In fact, one of the girls and I talked about dating and boys for about 5 hours on one of our flights home!”

Are any of us surprised?  I know, for one, I am.  I cannot believe that it was for only five hours.

but I didn’t feel like I needed to write about Missions again and I felt we should move on, I mean, I’ve only been doing the blog for about 2 months and to have 3 blogs about silly mission trip stories seems a bit extreme… although I have high hopes for how many guys might sign up for our trip next year.

but before I can move into something productive, it looks like it’s about midnight.  Better get this to the presses…


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