Intermission – Be back in a few weeks!

Hello Dear Friends.

It has been wonderful sharing this blog with you.  Thanks for all the great feedback, and shared thoughts, and entertaining stories.

I will be going on a hiatus for a bit.

I must head over to Africa to search for more stories.

So I will look to post again on August 20th.

Also, I want you to know that I am open for ideas and thoughts.  We have some fun things planned for the blog over the next while…. And we welcome any of your ideas or stories!

Get ready for:

-Round Table’s discussion on “The Swoop”

-Ashley’s Men of Summer (5 set up dates in 5 weeks)

-Your Advice Sucks (we may come up with a more user-friendly title… but you know what I mean)

-Honesty can be an Awful Policy

-Do you know what it took for me to dial your number?

Just shoot me an e-mail @ if you have a story to tell, (or maybe someone else’s story that they should tell), any creative ideas, or simply any thoughts or questions.

And while I may discover some stories in Africa, my true joy will be spending time with my favorite kids in the world.  The perks of singleness – I get to do this every year.


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